Prof. Sakaguchi expressed his views about the upcoming 5G and its applications, in an interview by Diamond Online.

5G (5th Generation Mobile Networks), aiming to be implemented by 2020, is under full research and development now. Will this new communication system with high speed, large capacity and low latency change our daily life and the business?

Prof. Sakaguchi, who has long engaged in research and international standardization of wireless communication, and currently is researching 5G and its applications, answered this question in the aspects of the latest trends, opportunities and applications of 5G, in an interview by Diamond Online.

For more details of his views in the interview, please check the link below. (in Japanese)

Diamond Online: 商用化に向け、社会に根差したアプリケーションの開発がカギ — 5Gが切り拓くフロンティア, 阪口啓(東京工業大学教授)