Prof. Sakaguchi will give a lecture about mmWave 5G and Beyond in H30 1st EE Forum on Science and Technology of TokyoTech. Students and research staff are welcomed to attend it.

Speaker: Prof. Kei Sakaguchi
(Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Title: mmWave 5G and Beyond

Date and time: 17:30-18:30, May 2nd (Wed), 2018

Lecture Room: S422 (O-okayama)


Toward commercialization of 5th generation cellular networks (5G) in 2020 Tokyo Olympic games, tremendous efforts have been paid for research and development in the world. In 5G, millimeter-wave (mmWave) spectrum including 28GHz band will be utilized to achieve 1000 times system rate gain compared with 4G LTE. This lecture will firstly provide background of 5G, especially about why mmWave is used in 5G and how problems of mmWave are overcome in 5G. Secondly, the steps of international standardization of 5G from 2012 to 2020 are introduced to clarify how mmWave is selected in 5G. Lastly, the latest research work on mmWave V2V/V2X (Vehicular-to-Everything) contributing to beyond 5G era is also introduced, where mmWave V2V/V2X improves safeness of automated driving.