Prof. Sakaguchi spoke at 2017 Taipei 5G Submit on the topic: The Challenge and Proposition of mmWave in 5G, on 2017/09/12.

The Challenge and Proposition of mmWave in 5G

Dr. Kei Sakaguchi, Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

This talk firstly introduces latest mmWave technologies ready for 5G by referring to several mmWave related projects. Then it identifies five use cases appropriate for mmWave in 5G scenarios, and clarifies challenges to be solved including problems of CAPEX to deploy mmWave basestations and of non-ideal backhaul networks. Lastly it introduces new solutions to solve the problems by combining mmWave with SDN and/or MEC. It also touches with mmWave V2V/V2X as a future application of mmWave enabled 5G.