Prof. Sakaguchi did a invited talk, and Mr. Nakamura did a poster presentation in SmartCom2018 on 31st Oct.,2018.

Title:[Invited Talk] mmWave V2X for Safe Automated Driving

Speaker: Kei Sakaguchi (Tokyo Tech)

Title: Performance Evaluation for Millimeter-wave Backhaul and Edge Cloud Networks

Authors: Makoto Nakamura (Tokyo Tech), Ricardo Santos (KAU), Konstantin Koslowski (Fraunhofer HHI), Hiroaki Nishiuchi, Gia Khanh Tran, Kei Sakaguchi (Tokyo Tech)

Recently, since mobile traffic increases rapidly, 5G network is required to support enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) communications. And applications such as autonomous driving requires ultra-reliable and low latency communications (URLLC). Self-backhauling mmWave overlay heterogeneous network using edge cloud is proposed to realize eMBB and URLLC. Therefore, we evaluate the performance of mmWave backhaul link and edge cloud in outdoor environment.