Makoto Nakamura presented at CCNC2019 for his paper Interference Management for Millimeter-wave Mesh Backhaul Networks on Jan. 13th 2019.

Makoto NAKAMURA, Gia Khanh TRAN, Kei SAKAGUCHI. Interference Management for Millimeter-wave Mesh Backhaul Networks, CCNC2019, Jan. 2019.


Recently, since mobile traffic increases rapidly, 5G network is required to support enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) communications. Self-backhauling mm Wave overlay heterogeneous network is proposed to realize eMBB at low cost. However, intra-channel interferences among mm Wave backhaul links become an issue. This work proposes solutions to this problem through several approaches including proper deployment of mmWave access point, orthogonal channel allocation when necessary, and finally optimal power transmission allocation for alleviating bottleneck of the mesh backhaul networks. Ray-tracing based simulation result shows that the proposed algorithm can cope with bottleneck of the backhaul networks through the effects of the employed interference management schemes.