Sakaguchi Lab will be open for visitors in TokyoTech Festival 2018. We will explain our recent research of wireless communications to visitors.

The details is as follows.

Data: 2018/10/6(Sat.), 2018/10/7(Sun.)

Place: 9F, Bldg.S3, Ōokayama campus, Tokyo Tech ( Access )


  • Overall introduction of Sakaguchi Lab. (in front of Rm.914, Bldg.S3)
  • High-speed and low-latency mmWave transmission by using Mobile Edge Cloud. (Rm.914, Bldg.S3)
  • 3D-LiDAR sensing data sharing by using mmWave Communication for autonomous driving. (in front of elevator of 9F, Bldg.S3)
  • Lighting control by using battery-less sensors. (Rm.914, Bldg.S3)

You are welcome to visit Sakaguchi Lab!